Dragon’s Crown : une cinquième mise à jour

Dragon’s Crown : une cinquième mise à jour

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Vanillaware déploie une cinquième et dernière mise à jour pour son beat’em up Dragon’s Crown sur PlayStation 3. Le mode de difficulté Inferno n’étant plus suffisant, les développeurs ont ajouté le mode Ultime afin de tester vos limites. Du coup, le niveau maximal des personnages passe de 99 à 255. Un défi de taille attend les héros : la Tour des Mirages, une zone comprenant « des dizaines de milliers de niveaux ». Elle se déverrouille après avoir complété la neuvième étape du Labyrinthe du Chaos. La mise à jour corrige aussi quelques problèmes de stabilité du gameplay. Voici la liste complète des changements (en anglais) :

 [Bug Fixes]

  • Gameplay stability is improved.

 [New Features]

  • Clearing the ninth layer in the Labyrinth of Chaos unlocks a new “Ultimate” difficulty level. This difficulty can be selected at the Temple.
  • When in Ultimate difficulty, a new randomly generated dungeon named the “Tower of Mirages” is added.
  • Ultimate difficulty raises the level cap from LV 99 to LV 255.
  • Item shortcuts can now be assigned and used separately by holding L1 and the Up directional button.
  • Damage values can now be displayed as a running total instead of per-hit.
  • To help increase player character visibility, characters can be shown with transparencies when they are on top of one another. This feature is available in the Options menu and can be toggled on or off.
  • Save files that have cleared Story mode can skip the first quests leading to the Talisman collection when creating a new character.
  • Guild Quests that have already been cleared may now be skipped in subsequent playthroughs.

[Feature Modifications]

  • Character class skills have received a number of adjustments.
  • NPC behavior has been adjusted.
  • Rules and effects regarding equipment, items, and skills in the Colosseum have been adjusted.
  • Other tuning and minor improvements to various gameplay elements have been made.

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